Man photoshops a lottery check into his photo to get more Tinder matches

A man photoshopped a lottery check worth $349 million into one of his Tinder photos in a bid to get more likes.

In a TikTok video posted on 26 January by Paper Gurus, @papergurus, an academic writing resource for students, a man named Hieu Thai showed his Tinder profile and how he “couldn’t get any matches.” According to the photo he shared, he had zero.

In order to connect with more people, Thai decided to take a photo of a large Iowa Lottery Powerball check for $349 million.

He edited out the original winner’s name and put his name on it instead.  He then added the Powerball logo to the background of his photo.

After uploading this picture, Thai showed a screenshot of his tinder profile again. He now had 120 matches.

The video has over 1.1m views so far, with some TikTok users turning on Thai as well as lamenting the response.

“Honestly this is so sad,” one wrote, while another viewer said: “That’s depressingly revealing.”

Other viewers told Thai to stay away from the women who had liked him.

“And you know to not actually date a single one of them,” one wrote.

“Lads if this doesn’t teach you 1 important lesson in life I don’t know what will,” another comment reads.

Other viewers gave Thai some intriguing dating tips.

“Take them out on a date but only pay for your food or tell them if they pay for the first date you cover the rest then block them after the first”, one comment said.

This clip first went viral right around the release of The Tinder Swindler, a documentary on Netflix about a group of women who date the same man who allegedly stole money from all of them.

The Independent has reached out to Tinder for comment.

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